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Caeleste is hiring!

posted by Patrick @ 17:02 PM

Caeleste is looking for a Professional Analog Designer

As a project leader, you will lead the design of novel CMOS image sensors. You have the feeling for the challenges associated with mixed mode analog-digital design. You will be in intense interaction with your peer technical experts. You will have significant responsibility and autonomy in the team. Your tasks include a broad scope ranging from image sensor design and evaluation, research on better circuits and topologies, design methodologies, design correctness and verification, project management, travelling and partner interaction and project management.

Minimal requirements

  • 5+ years of relevant experience in analog, mixed mode or imager development
  • Demonstrated experience as a design lead for complex analog or mixed-signal chips
  • Good background in analog electronics, and over-the-wall interest in physics and sciences
  • MS in Electronics Engineering or equivalent by experience or vocation
  • Creativity, analytical mind and problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills in writing, presenting and customer interaction
  • Solidar teamplayer who assumes the project management

Additional skills that are of interest

  • Experience in image sensor design, i-SoC, testing, camera or instrument design
  • Experience with management of IC development projects
  • Background in Silicon processing
  • Background in Optics and solid-state physics

For all your questions, please contact

Patrick Henckes, CEO
Caeleste CVBA
Generaal Capiaumontstraat 11
2600 Antwerpen

+32 3 3361675

you can download this job description in pdf format.


Caeleste newsletter available for download

posted by Patrick @ 10:47 AM

Our last newsletter is now available for download here.

If you wish to keep informed about Caeleste technology and receive our newsletter, please send us a mail.








Caeleste introduces SPAD technology in standard CMOS process

posted by Patrick @ 13:18 PM

Caeleste successfully designed and tested a SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) photon counting image sensor. After a first successful demonstration with hybrid avalanche photodiode, Caeleste introduces integrated, compact pixels with avalanche photodiodes, allowing large resolution image sensor with single photon detection capabilities in the visible spectrum range. The demonstrated array has 32×32 pixels on a 30µm pitch, in TSMC 0.18µm technology. Several  SPAD pixel variants are optimized for QE, dark count and afterpulsing.

to know more about this technology, do not hesitate to contact us.