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Caeleste newsletter available for download

posted by Patrick @ 15:48 PM

Our last newsletter is now available for download here.

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ESO published results of a joint project with e2v and Caeleste

posted by Patrick @ 16:13 PM

ESO published results of a joint project with e2v and Caeleste at the SPIE conference on High Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy. It describes a “Backside-Illuminated, high QE, 3e- RoN, fast 700fps, 1760×1760 pixels CMOS Imager for AO with highly parallel readout”

Paper and presentation available for download, with courtesy of M. Downing, ESO.

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Caeleste “Analog photon counting” patent granted

posted by Patrick @ 16:17 PM

In the scope of Caeleste efforts towards low noise photo counting imagers, the analog photon counting patent application has been granted. The protected concept aims at producing large scale imagers with very high manufacturability, maintaining functionality at very high yield.

This patent is the first granted of a series of protected inventions covering the domain of CMOS photon counting image sensors both in visible and X-ray spectrum. Our patent and publication page has been updated accordingly.