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Two new patents granted

posted by Patrick @ 16:25 PM

Caeleste was granted two new patents in the field of Xray and Xcolor Xray detection. Caeleste has a strong focus on CMOS and scintillation based Xray detection is a key know-how at Caeleste and we are pleased to make these circuits available to our partners.

Combined pulse and integration detection

Full text available for download.


Counting pixel with good dynamic range properties

Full text available for download.


You can find all our papers and patents in our pages.



Caeleste is 7 years !

posted by Patrick @ 16:41 PM

Caeleste celebrated last month its 7th birthday. We are now 15 people (eventhough only 12 were present on our group picture.). Caeleste is pleased to annonce a revenue of 1.7M this year and will continue to grow next years. To accompany our growing number of interesting projects, we are still recruting! Be sure to check our vacancies page.




























Caeleste IISW available for download

posted by Patrick @ 15:21 PM

We have put online our papers, presentations and posters given at the IISW 2013 conference in Utah USA:

We presented at this workshop the result of our work on Scintillator based color X-ray photon counting imager for medical applications and our recent development in motion blur reduction on CMOS TDI devices.


You can find all our papers and patents in our pages.