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Caeleste interview & Semicon 2015

posted by Patrick @ 13:14 PM

Caeleste interview broadcasted

Caeleste presents its development of an image sensor companion chip for the European space Agency (ESA). The TV channel “Kanaal Z” is devoting a series to the Flemish Smart Sensor Industry.
Kanaal Z : Interview with Caeleste 2015 09 23

Semicon Europe – Dresden 6 to 8 October 2015

Meet Caeleste at the Semicon Europe 2015 show in Dresden. Simply pass by our booth 2064 in association with the High-Tech Cluster DSP-Valley. Jan Vermeiren (Business Development Manager) and Karsten Sengebusch (German representative), will welcome you and answer all your requests.
Come and see a live demonstration of our latest very high dynamic range sensors.
Caeleste has built up a considerable experience in high dynamic range sensors for different wavelength ranges from the NIR, over the visible wavelengths range till the UV and X-ray. This has translated itself into many successful designs with dynamic ranges varying between 92 and 140 dB. Global shutter, Anti-blooming and knee-less dual sensitivity are useful extensions to your HDR applications.

When you like to have a more in-depth discussion, please make an upfront appointment.
Jan Vermeiren, Business Development Manager / +32 (0)476 30 65 58 / / Skype: jan_vermeiren

Looking for new challenges?
Caeleste is actively searching for a few senior and junior image sensor designers to reinforce its design team.
• Do you have experience with image sensors and want to try on the thrill of designing at the limits of technology?
• Are you looking for your first experience in image sensor design in a creative and dynamic environment?

Do not hesitate to send us your resume.