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Caeleste on UV Sensitivity & ITE Yokohama

posted by Patrick @ 20:23 PM

UV sensitivity in CMOS Image Sensors

The UV range has many applications in industrial, scientific and medical applications, e.g. for hyperspectral analysis or for skin damage measurements from Sun irradiation. High UV sensitivity in linear or even color 2D UV sensor would help a lot in making the correct diagnosis.
Peng Gao and Dirk Van Aken are presenting the results of Caeleste’s realization of a UV-White-Yellow Bayer-like pattern imager on the workshop of the French Space Agency CNES about: “CMOS Image Sensors for High performance Applications

Caeleste at ITE YOKOHAMA on Image technology and Equipment (ITE 2015 booth D-18)

ITE Yokohama

Caeleste will participate to the show on image sensors in Japan: ITE-2015. This show will be held in Yokohama from 2 till 4 December 2015. Caeleste will demonstrate there the capabilities of its high dynamic range sensors and more specifically the possibility to reveal very low contrast objects in a scene. This is done by combining a high full well of the sensor with a high linearity over the full signal range. This property is very important for e.g. forensic research.
When you like to have a more in-depth discussion with Jan Vermeiren or Eiji Watanabe of AlliedSens,please make an upfront appointment.

Caeleste will be present on the Flemish space days

Flemish Space Days

From 20 till 22 November 2015, Caeleste will be present on the Flemish space days. Caeleste is an important provider of image sensors for space applications, where radiation hardness and reliable operation under solar storm conditions is of utmost importance for earth observation missions and for deep space missions.
If you are interested in designing image sensors for this challenging environment, do not hesitate to contact us on Friday 20 November. The present job openings can be found on the Caeleste website.

JOBS : Looking for more exciting challenges?

Caeleste is actively searching for a few senior and junior image sensor designers to reinforce its design team. We are also looking at IC-layout engineers. More details can be found on our website and on Linkedin. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us your resume.