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Caeleste at Image Sensors London

posted by Patrick @ 16:49 PM

Caeleste will be present on the prestigious Image Sensors Conference .

Caeleste will have a booth and will demonstrate its large full well sensors for low contrast imaging. Caeleste staff is available to discuss your needs in the field of advanced image sensors, (hyper) spectral image sensors and life science sensors. For a more in-depth discussion with our Business Development Manager Jan Vermeiren , please make
an upfront appointment.

Caeleste paper
Ajit Kumar Kalgi, senior design expert at Caeleste, will also present a paper called: “Photon shot noise limited image sensors with Global shutter and linear high dynamic range”.

Dynamic range (the ratio of full well capacity over the noise floor), linearity and dark current are the most important parameters of a good image sensor. Quite often also a global or synchronous shutter operation is added to the list in order to avoid imaging artefacts when looking to fast moving objects, such as e.g. propellers. On the other hand all these additional features should not blow up the pixel size and should not jeopardize the fill factor of the pixel. Caeleste succeeded in integrating all the above elements in a pixel pitch of 6.5 µm. The design and the results will be discussed in depth during the conference, but we give you three images as a teaser.

Photon shot noise limited image sensors with Global shutter and linear high dynamic range

The left image shows the scene in high gain; the propeller blades shows some blur, but the shape is not deformed, as you could expect from a rolling shutter device. The middle image is the low gain image. The right image is the combined high-low gain image after a logarithmic transform to enhance both dark and light features in the image. Please take into account that the high and the low gain images are acquired during the same integration time. In this way the images can be overlaid without any geometric correction.

Staff & JOBS: Looking for more exciting challenges?

In 2016, we already welcomed four new employees to reinforce our image sensor design team, as well as our marketing & sales team. We are growing fast.
And we are still actively searching for senior and junior image sensor designers and IC-layout engineers as well.
More details can be found on
our website and on Linkedin. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us your resume.