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Caeleste Newsletter October 2016

posted by Patrick @ 10:59 AM


We are at the onset of a very busy period for Caeleste.  On Friday 14-10 we will live the first edition of our Electroniad: our special Olympics discipline in electronics brain teasing. This event will also be streamed via our Electroniad Website. As of now you can watch the countdown sequence, so also more remote persons can have a fun rehearsal of their electronics skills.

We will also welcome you on 2 trade shows and 2 conferences during the next weeks; you can find the details below.  Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment!

Caeleste will be present at the ICSO conference

ICSO is a prestigious conference on space optics, including high performance image sensors, organized by CNES and ESA in Biarritz, France. The conference will take place from October 17th till October 21st. During the full length of the conference, there are  talks about future space and ground-based optical instruments and their need for dedicated detectors. On Thursday,  there is also an entire session planned for CMOS and other image sensors.

In the small, but specialized exhibition, the major European, scientific image sensor suppliers and  instrument builders will be present. Caeleste will exhibit at booth 24 – Tabletop 2.

Participation at the Semicon conference and exhibition

Semicon Europe, the annual summit of the semiconductor processing industry in Europe, gathering all R&D centers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, is held this year in Grenoble, France. The summit will take place from October 25th till October 27th. A 2-day conference will focus on new technologies, architectures and designs of image sensors for scientific and analytical applications. The well filled exhibition with over 300 exhibits on all levels of the semiconductor processing food chain will show their latest innovations. Caeleste will be present at booth 319 and will show the capabilities of its high dynamic range products.

Eureca and Caeleste together at Vision, Stuttgart

The biennial Vision event will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 8th till November 10th. This event gathers all stakeholders involved in industrial vision applications, ranging from image sensors designers to application developers.  Eureca and Caeleste are welcoming you at Booth C74 in Hall 1.

More than 400 exhibitors will present their innovations in industrial vision in the exhibition. Besides of image sensors and cameras, also vision hardware & software and applications will be on display. Eureca and Caeleste are welcoming you at Booth C74 in Hall 1 and will demonstrate our capabilities for high-speed as well as low-light level industrial imaging. If you like to meet Caeleste staff during the Vision show, you can always make an appointment via Mrs. Ulrike Winter of Eureca or Mrs. Frieda Lardinois of Caeleste. When you indicate your presence, you will also be automatically invited for our Belgian beer evening on Tuesday November 8th from 16.30. We will serve the famous Caeleste Celebration beer as well as other famous beers from Mechelen. Expect also some other Belgian “surprises”.

Caeleste will present a paper at the CNES Image Sensor Workshop

On November 16th and 17th, the French space agency CNES, together with ESA, ISAE, Airbus D&S, Thales-Alenia Space and Sodern, is organizing a prestigious workshop on high-performance image sensors and radiation effects. The first day (16/11) will be devoted to “Radiation effects on opto-electronic detectors”, while the second day (17/11) will focus on “Photon counting, low flux and high dynamic range opto-electronic detectors”. More than 300 specialists from Europe and beyond, will discuss recent results and future trends for image sensors in space missions. Caeleste will contribute with 2 papers. On the first day Caeleste will present its radiation hardened design data base as well as the effects of radiation on image sensors realized in that technology. We will focus especially on the differences in behavior between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

The blue dots and circles show the effect of ionizing radiation on dark signal, while the red dots and circles are the effects of non-ionizing radiation (electrons in this case).  The difference in behavior between the photodiode itself and the sense node will also be explained.

On the second day Caeleste will present its new, patented technique to combine the best of both worlds:

 Photon counting under low-flux conditions.

 Integrating charge packet detection under high flux conditions.

In this way a photon shot noise behavior can be guaranteed from the first detected photon till the last photon before full well. The circuit on the right shows the combination of a pulse shaper for the single photon detection, combined with a current integrator for higher flux conditions.

Job openings at Caeleste

To support its growth, Caeleste is still looking for talented and motivated design, layout, system and test engineers.  The profiles can be found on our website and on social media.  Detailed job descriptions can be found on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

Presently we are looking for:

  • A design center manager to coordinate the design teams and to take over the daily responsibilities of the CTO.
  • A senior analog designer, who can take responsibility of an image sensor design and who is capable of coaching several junior designers.
  • A junior analog designer, who can make designs of image sensor building blocks under the supervision of a senior designer and who wants to grow to a more mature, bird’s eye view on image sensor designs.
  • A software engineer to cope with the complex measurement procedures of image sensors.
  • A system & test engineer to design and operate the test and characterization system for the evaluation of our high-speed, high dynamic range and low-noise image sensors.