The name Caeleste


The name “Caeleste”

On November 12, 2006, Bart Dierickx, Patrick Henckes and Walter Beynens brainstormed on a name for the company to be. A very large number of original to very original names were proposed. One that stuck was “Harmonia Caelestium” (harmony of the heavens), which became Celeste (a girl’s name, in good company with Mercedes and Stella) and eventually Caeleste.

For general use we say that Caeleste is the combination of “Caeles” (Latin for sky, heavens, thus “space”), and TE, technology.

There is no prescribed pronunciation. Latin pronunciation is preferred [kαilεste].

The logo

When leaving the restaurant after our first company Christmas dinner, there happened to be a lunar eclipse – see photo. This clearly inspired our logo design. We made it a tradition: since then we schedule our company reunions and parties on lunar and solar eclipse days.