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Caeleste Newsletter November 2016


Editorial – Last month was a very exciting time for us. There was off course our first Electroniad, which had a very enthusiastic audience in a fully packed Einstein auditorium at Technopolis, the science museum in our hometown Mechelen. We also exhibited in 3 trade shows with plenty of new contacts and many “beyond state-of-the-art” requests at the occasion of ICSO, Semicon Europe and the European Vision show in Stuttgart. This was the first occasion to present our very first ‘Camera Illuminata’.

Caeleste was nominated as one of Deloitte’s 50 fast growing high-tech companies 2016. At 16th November, CEO Patrick Henckes and CTO Bart Dierickx received the first prize in the category ‘Hardware’.

Starting today we are welcoming our Far-east customers at the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment in YokohamaDo not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment!

The first Electroniad was a huge success

With 20 teams totalling to 80 participants, the first edition of the Electroniad, our electronics quiz for academic and industry teams, was a real success. On Friday 14th October, the Einstein room of the Technopolis Center in Mechelen started to fill around 19:30. Most participants and the organizers were a little bit nervous. At 20:00 sharp we started with the introduction of the quiz. Most teams immediately wanted to test their wafer petanque skills, while 2 or 3 other members of their team stayed focused on the questions of the quiz rounds.

After a short break the preliminary ranking was announced. This gave most teams an extra impetus to be even more attentive and agile and the petanque competion and the quiz were continued with the same intensity.

When all the votes were counted and the jury had made a decision we ended with the following ranking:

Prize Medal Team
1 Silicon Easics: “Moore or Less”
2 Gold UGent: “Unity Gain”
3 Silver ON Semi: “On-Gezien”
Petanque UGent: “Telin”
Jury Ansem: “Green”

Some visual impressions of the quiz can be found on the electroniad website, as well as the full webcast of the event.

Once more Caeleste wants to thank the sponsors: Elektor, Newtec Cy, Imec, Dierickx Leys Private Bank, Transfer – Altium and OMNIA Travel.

Caeleste is the fastest growing hardware high-tech company in Belgium

On 25th October we received the news that Caeleste was nominated for Deloitte’s list of 50   fastest growing high-tech  companies in Belgium.

During a ceremony on 16th November at “The Egg” in Brussels, we got the final verdict:

- Caeleste is the fastest growing hardware company.
– Caeleste was ranked 16th on the overall list of this competition.

Our growth of 272% over the last 4 years was the highest in the hardware category. We owe it and the resulting award to the continuous efforts of our founders CEO Patrick Henckes and CTO Bart Dierickx and off course also to the enthusiasm of all our co-workers and the confidence of our customers.

Quotation in the local Mechelen Business newspaper: Made In Mechelen.

Newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported:








Your presence at the European Trade Shows

We had a lot of interesting discussions and requests during the
3 European Trade Shows, where we were present last month:

  • ICSO in Biarritz, focusing on space optics including image sensors.
  • Semicon in Grenoble, focusing on the semiconductor industry.
  • Vision in Stuttgart, focusing on the industrial vision market.

Once more we thank all our visitors! They have received or will receive shortly their answers and proposals.

Introduction of the ‘Camera Illuminata’ at Vision 2016 in Stuttgart

Our demo in which we read a text in an envelope is already touring some time. We are more than happy to demonstrate and explain if you meet us on a show.

At the Vision show, we have introduced our Camera Illuminata’. You see the catch on the picture. There is no enclosure around the image sensor; it is seeing the focused light as well as all the parasitic light from the ambient.  When you are used to think in terms of a ‘Camera Obscura’, this is almost impossible!

But not so for a high dynamic range camera with an extremely large full well. Such a camera can cope with the large amount of background light, while the Signal to Noise Ratio (or SNR) is high enough to make the small variations visible, induced by the focused light.

A further explanation by our CTO Bart Dierickx:

  • At the Vision Show in Stuttgart, Caeleste demonstrated the ‘Camera Illumita’. It is a classic ‘camera’, with lens and focal plane sensor (or ‘image sensor’), yet WITHOUT a box or ‘camera obscura’ around it.
  • Many visitors wondered how does this work…
  • The box (or ‘camera obscura’) serves to keep environmental light out of the image sensor.  The environmental light is orders of magnitude stronger than the light that passes through the lens. It saturates the sensor and drowns the signal in a huge noise.
  • Yet this Caeleste imager has a full well of 2 million electrons. Near saturation it’s PSN limited S/N ratio is still 1400:1. This allows to increase the contrast (in imafe processing) 100- and even 1000-fold, so as to recover the signal.


When we, Belgians, have to solve a problem,

we first think about beer….




Caeleste at ITE YOKOHAMA on Image Technology and Equipment

(ITE 2016 booth D-25)

Caeleste is participating in the show on image sensors in Japan: ITE-2016. This show is held in Yokohama Pacifico Hall from 7 till 9 December 2016. Caeleste will demonstrate there the capabilities of its high dynamic range sensors and bring the Camera Illuminata to Japan.

As explained in the debriefing of the Vision show, the camera can still detect tiny variations in light intensity, because the sensor has a full well larger than 2 Million electrons and as a consequence a signal to noise ratio, only limited by photon shot noise, of larger than 1400:1. Under these conditions, you can make the small variations caused by the focused light visible after background subtraction and amplification of the remaining signal.

When you like to have a more in-depth discussion about your applications or problems and how they can be solved by sensor innovations, do not hesitate to visit us at booth D-25.  You will be welcomed by Jan Vermeiren, Business Development Manager, Eiji Watanabe, Account Manager for USA and Japan and our newest member Shigemichi ‘Mike’ Kato, Sales Manager Japan. If you like, you can make an upfront appointment.










Job openings at Caeleste

Presently we are looking for:

  • A design center manager to coordinate the design teams and to take over the daily responsibilities of the CTO.
  • A senior analog designer, who can take responsibility of an image sensor design and who is capable of coaching several junior designers.
  • A junior analog designer, who can make designs of image sensor building blocks under the supervision of a senior designer and who wants to grow to a more mature, bird’s eye view on image sensor designs.
  • A software engineer to cope with the complex measurement procedures of image sensors.
  • A system & test engineer to design and operate the test and characterization system for the evaluation of our high-speed, high dynamic range and low-noise image sensors.

Send your resume to


Caeleste booth C74, Hall 1

Caeleste booth

Caeleste and Eureca are present at Vision 2016 in Stuttgart. Come visit us at booth C74 in Hall 1, where we can demonstrate you our capabilities for high-speed as well as low-light level industrial imaging.

Tomorrow, 9th November, starting at 4.30 pm, we are hosting a Belgian beer evening, where we will serve our famous Caeleste Celebration beer as well as other famous beers from Mechelen. You can also expect some other Belgian “surprises”.